Okay guys i hereby present to you a safe & very fashionable facemask! WHAT! A way to be safe and look guuuude!?!?! Yes my friends. This is true.
All the facemasks are made out of 100% cotton, they are reusable and washable at 60′. They’re approved by the Belgian FOD health department, to flatten the so called covid19 curve, and I am very eager to help do that!

I mostly depend on residual lots and fabric donations sooooo you can choose whether you want a plain mask or a mask with print, but the rest will be a surprise (yeeeeeh). You can however, leave me a message with your preferences (which colour / flowerprint / dinosaurprint / graphic / etc) and I will try to come as close as possible to your wishes.

100% cotton
wash at 60′
one size fits YALL
reuse & reuse & reuse



100% cotton
wash at 60′
one size fits YALL
reuse & reuse & reuse

Delivery: 2 up to 10 working days

How to wear:
1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before putting the mask on.
2. Put in a piece of folded kitchen towl
3. Touch the mask as little as possible, use the ends of the elastics or ribbons to fasten the mask to your head.

– Only wear the mask when you’re with other people.
– When the mask or filter is wet, replace it.
– The mask can be worn for 5 hours at a time, after which the filter won’t work as well. You take the filter out and throw it away and you wash the mask at 60 degrees.

* The mask you’ll receive has been washed at 60 degrees and has not been in direct contact with the skin after washing.

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Weight 21 g

plain, print


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