LOGOCOMO is a clothing brand, started by a graphic-design-science-fiction-action-comic-book-multi-colour-fan, that specializes in ready-to-wear high quality comfortable i-am-never-taking-this-awesomeness-off-again-clothing and i-am-never-getting-rid-of-this-weird-art-shit, known for its graphic style and fresh use of colours. LOGOCOMO strongly believes in being yourself and wearing whatever the hell you want to wear so its clothing is for everyone. One love, one sex.

If you would just love to carry LOGOCOMO goods or artshit in your store, don’t hesitate to be in touch at lgcmforever@gmail.com


Zoutziedersstraat 20-1
3026 EL, Rotterdam
The Netherlands


If you’re interested in employment
opportunities at LOGOCOMO,
please email us: lgcmforever@gmail.com

More information:

KvK: 53482409